Construction Contracts Claims – Arbitration and Litigation

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Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. Most of the infrastructure is created through commercial construction contracts based on the terms and conditions of the contract governed primarily by Indian Contract Act 1872.

The unfortunate reality in the construction contracts is that many a times the claims and disputes cannot be avoided.

In our country, the contracts are mostly drafted one sided in favour of the department (employer) and most often the contractors reconcile to suffering the loss rather than pursuing their legitimate legal, contractual rights and remedies for compensation of their losses and damages.

Construction Contract Claims are quite intricate and they need a thorough understanding of technical and legal issues, the contract terms and conditions, trade practices and the facts therein. We have in-depth, wide knowledge and experience in all the aspects on contracting business.

Services offiered:
Expert services in preparation of statement of claims, counterclaims and defence etc. Represent the client in the arbitration proceedings before the arbitral tribunals and legal proceedings in commercial courts.

To Act as an Arbitrator and Dispute Board member